why eloping can be as special as a traditional wedding

Hold up! Isn't eloping like when couples run away to Vegas and don't tell anyone about it?

Nope! I mean technically, that is ONE way to elope… & if that’s you then do your thing, boo! I support you <3

Elopements have shape shifted as couples claim their sovereignty and challenge the status- quo that says you HAVE to throw a big wedding, invite everyone and their mama, hire a dj, host a big dinner... you get the picture!

Eloping gives the couple a chance to do things in a non-traditional way, saying yes to FREEDOM, CREATIVITY and ADVENTURE and lookin' dang good while doing so!

By choosing to elope you are gracefully saying NO to anxiety and performance pressure that can feel inevitable while planning a traditional wedding.

To get more elopement information, make sure to checkout my Hawaii Elopement Photographer page.

So…what DOES it mean to Elope?
Let me break it down for ya!

Elopement (ih-lohp-muhnt):

A wedding experience where the couple getting married is focused on their hearts desires coming to life in an intentional and intimate way.

elopements can be anywhere & you can do any-thing!

No restrictions or stress...


Picture this….

you & your beloved,

hand in hand,

eye gazing,

lovin’ on each other's presence,

intimately reading your vows to each other,

exploring & flirtin'

doing your fav things, with your fav people (or not)

eatin' all the yummy foods

& takin’ in all of the beautiful energy of your sacred union

The day that your hearts desires are made manifest by honoring & celebrating your love and commitment to each other… a day focused solely on YOU AND YOUR BOO and nobody else! *que clap*

I believe your wedding day should be magical, intentional, and genuinely crafted to reflect all of the beautiful things that make your relationship special, doing what you love, with the people you love the most.

& I know in my heart that choosing to elope can be as beautiful and special as going the traditional route.

If you're on the fence about going the traditional wedding route or eloping, take a look at my adventurous elopement timeline that I've created to get an idea of what an elopement might look like & feel like!

Blessings on your journey,