About me

Hey there! I'm Raizah (pronounced Rye-zuh).

At around 18 years old, I found my passion for National Parks and the outdoors. Growing up in Los Angeles, I didn't fully grasp the beauty of my home state until later. However, everything changed when I attended college and had the privilege of learning from an incredible professor who ignited my love for nature. Since then, I've explored many national parks, volunteered on farms, and even started a cheesy YouTube channel to share my adventures. Here are some key things about me:

  • Explored over 20 national parks and volunteered on farms via WOOF
  • Traveled and lived in a small camper for more than 2 years
  • Grateful to Crayfish Craig for igniting my love for nature
  • Am a Capricorn Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Leo Rising
  • Life path number 5
  • Enneagram type: 8 with a 7 wing
  • Am mega inspired to become a philanthropist
  • Have worked as an RBT with kids and teens on the spectrum
  • Love all animals so much, and have a special soft spot for kitties

a peek into my personal life


I'm a firm believer that small-intentional weddings are the best way to get married! 

An intimate ceremony where two lovers commit to each other for a lifetime, standing together, hand-in-hand, through all the ups and the downs. Supporting each other through times of physical and emotional well being, as well as through adversity and illness- through financial prosperity and hardship....

Marriage is nothing short of amazing, it is a testament to the strength and resilience of love.

Marriage is an initiation , one that I would be honored to document.

My style of photography

As an elopement & intimate wedding photographer, my passion is all about storytelling. I love connecting with each of my couples and hearing about their unique love story and capturing those raw, authentic moments that make their relationship so special.

I'm not a typical stiff, posed photographer - I work best with couples who are comfortable being themselves and showing off their love for each other in their own unique way. My approach to photography is all about capturing the essence of each couple's personality, style and relationship. When it comes to editing, I like to add an artistic and cinematic touch that makes each image pop.

My priority is capturing the true essence and natural beauty of each person I work with. I believe in celebrating people's uniqueness and individuality. That's why I don't believe in altering someone's body or using Photoshop to create an artificial image, everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, no matter what they look like.

I'm so happy you're here!

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