A Lighting Guide for your Palm Springs Photos:

Understanding Light for your Wedding in Palm Springs

Optimizing your wedding timeline with Light

So, you're planning a Palm Springs wedding, how exciting! To ensure your wedding photos shine, here's a quick guide to understanding light while you plan your timeline.

In this blog you'll learn:

  • What type of lighting is best for your ceremony
  • Choosing good lighting for your portraits
  • Best formation (during your vows) if your ceremony is in the mid-day sun
  • Tips for Palm Springs sunset time (hint: it set's earlier in PS)
ceremony lighting

Midday sun creates harsh shadows, potentially impacting the visual quality of your ceremony photos. Consider alternative lighting options:

  • Sunrise/Sunset Ceremonies: Opt for a sunrise or sunset ceremony to achieve soft, diffused light that bathes your vows in a romantic glow.
  • Shaded Courtyards: For a ceremony during peak sun hours, consider a shaded courtyard with dappled light. Or anywhere shaded!
  • Midday Ceremonies: If a midday ceremony is unavoidable, strategic positioning can minimize harsh shadows. Consider positioning yourselves with the sun behind you for more even lighting (and less eye squints!) Or alternatively, face each other with the sun at a slight angle to achieve softer light.
Portrait Lighting

Golden Hour: (1-2 hours after sunrise or before sunset) This time period offers the most flattering light for portraits. The sun sits low in the horizon, casting long shadows and creating a warm, diffused glow. This is ideal for capturing romantic and timeless portraits with soft light on skin tones.

Midday Sun: While midday sun can be harsh, it can also be used creatively for dramatic high-contrast portraits. Utilize natural shade from cacti, desert foliage, or architectural features to create pockets of softer light for more flattering close-ups.

Diffused Light Locations: Shaded areas, walkways lined with trees, or reception areas with fabric draping all provide beautiful diffused light. This type of light minimizes shadows and creates a soft, even illumination, perfect for capturing candid moments and intimate portraits throughout the day.

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