Maui Beach Wedding Locations

-a list of locations for an epic Maui Beach Wedding-

So you're planning a Maui Beach Wedding but you don't know where to start. Lucky for you a beach wedding in Maui is one of the simplest, easeful way's to get married!

You're probably here because you're wanting a maui wedding on the beach, you want to get married in a non-traditional way and you value intimacy & adventuring with your beloved waaaay more than throwing a big wedding party!

Let this blog be your guide and help you get to know Maui- as the locals say "mo betta".

*I will only be sharing commonly known locations/ general details. My services come with a detailed, customized location & timeline guide for your wedding day. This blog only covers a small portion of the amazing locations Maui has to offer*


North Shore

Maui's North Shore is known for it's lush rainforest and abundance of waterfalls!

There are an abundance of beaches with a beautiful backdrop of Iao Valley. The following locations are legal beach area's to get married in.

Maui Beach Wedding Locations:

Sprecklesville Beach

Baldwin Beach

Paia Baby Beach

Kuau Cove (Mama's Fish House Beach)

Ho'okipa Beach

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Central Maui

Although I won't be sharing them on here to respect the Aina and do my best to follow Leave No Trace Principles, two of my favorite elopement locations on the whole island are located in Central Maui! Think mountains meet the sea, pure epic-ness!

Kanaha Beach is a popular spot for ocean sports like: foiling, wind surfing and kite surfing! So if you're wanting to include an ocean sport activity on your elopement day- this spot is perfect for that.

Maui Beach Wedding Locations:

Kanaha Beach

Waiehu Beach

To make sure we reduce our impact on the land - I ask that my couples use non-descriptive geotags when sharing images on Social Media, that way we all do our part in protecting scenic places from becoming overrun by tourism.

West Maui

This side of the island is maggggiccc! To me, the west side feels like a totally different country! It's also usually dry on this side of the island - so it makes a nice location when you want to be sure you'll experience warm, sunny Hawaii on your elopement day!

Maui Beach Wedding Locations:

DT Fleming Beach

Ironwoods Beach

Kapalua Bay Beach

Puunoa Beach aka Baby Beach in Lahaina

Launiupoko Beach Park

Olowalu Beach

Maui Beach Weddings are truly one-of-a-kind experiences that radiate a beautiful golden glow. The perfect blend of sun, salt, and sand creates a magical atmosphere for a wedding day like no other. Imagine exchanging vows amidst the soothing sounds of the ocean, with the warm sun on your skin and the salty sea breeze in your hair. It's an experience you'll cherish forever.

South Maui

OK- my favorite beaches for elopement's are on the south side of Maui! It's super warm and sunny on this side, and the water's tend to be more calm. Perfect for a beach elopement!

Maui Beach Wedding Locations:

Po'olenalena Beach

Makena Beach

"Secret Cove Beach"

Polo Beach

White Rock Beach

East Maui

To reach Hana Town- you'll need to drive the Road to Hana from Paia (on the North Shore) about 50 miles east. The road is windy, so if you get car sick easily- make sure you ride up front or be prepared to make some stops! The drive is beautiful and scenic, with a plethora of waterfall's along the way. If you choose to go this route- please respect the locals by pulling over and letting them pass. They are accustomed to driving this road daily and often drive faster speeds than tourists.

Alternatively, you can reach Hana Town by coming through upcountry and head in through the Kaupo side. This area has beautiful views of Haleakala - and is extremely remote. Please be aware that cell service is limited on the East side of Maui and while there are some restaurants/ food trucks to eat at in Hana- they close early and sometimes run out of food. Best to be stocked up with snacks, water and plenty of gasoline while out here!

Maui Beach Wedding Locations:

Hamoa Beach

Koki Beach

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